Computer Training Center

The Establishment Of Computer Training Centre For The Physically Challenged

NAWPC has established a special Computer Training Centre for the physically challenged students on 5th December - 2010.

This is the first centre of its kind in Pune city giving special training to Deaf & Dumb, Cerebral palsy & all types of disabled students for the various professional computer courses to make them competent in the job market & to open the self employment opportunities for them in today’s competitive world.



Mr. Girish Wardhadkar (President - KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.) inaugurating this Special Computer Training Center


Free computer education is given to all Physically Challenged students.   Specially trained teachers are appointed to teach the disabled students professional computer courses like MS- Office, MS-CIT, DTP, Tally, Web designing etc.  

Rotary clubs of Pune Sports City, Pune Laxmi Road & Pune Kalyaninagar have supported to establish this Centre.

The opening of this centre was done at the hands of Mr.Girish Wardhadkar (President of KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.). He said, “Such a centre was essential for opening the doors of IT world for the disabled and this centre will fulfill that need. To solve the problem of unemployment of the disabled, this innovative project is a revolutionary step”.

Mr. Rahul Deshmukh the founder president of NAWPC gave the introductory speech on this occasion. He said, “Computer training is the key to rehabilitation of the disabled. So the disabled should not stay away from computer training”.

About 150 students were present at the function.




Physically Challenged students at computer Training Center