Scholarship Provision

Distribution Of Scholarships to Visually & Physically Challenged Students

For the economically backward visually & physically challenged students, a project, Special Scholarship Program is initiated.  This is the first year of this project & NAWPC has provided scholarships to approximately 100 visually & physically challenged students on 6th February 2011 to encourage & support them to pursue their higher education.




Chief Guest -Shri. Shrinivas Patil ( ex- MP),  Smt. Deepti Chaudhary (MLC), Mr.Navneet Deshpande (editor of Sakal News Paper), Shri. Rajkumar Chordia (Director- Pravin Masale) awarding scholarships to selected  students


During his speech Mr. Patil said, “Everybody has got certain negative points. But visually challenged people have sense of touch, hearing in a greater capacity which should be exploited for their betterment. Even though it is not a fault of your own, your fate has given this life to you, enjoy it thoroughly, standing at the doorstep of the world of knowledge”. He praised Mr. Deshmukh for the work he is doing.   Mr. Patil continued, “Mr. Deshmukh is working so that others efforts may not suffer and go through what he has. His efforts are plausible”.

Mr. Chordia announced the scholarships for the visually challenged those opt for technical or higher education, from next year.

         During his introductory speech Shri Rahul Deshmukh said that the special scholarship Program 2011 has to be started, so that visually & physically challenged student having merit and intellect is not deprived of any chances. He also mentioned that the scholarship would be awarded to 200 visually, physically challenged students next year.


            Approximately 150 students were present for the program.          

100 visually & physically challenged, Junior College to Post graduate students    awardedscholarships